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International Association to Change the World www.iachangetheworld.org.

Its management team are social activists, experts in European judicial corruption and are victims of Spanish judicial corruption, which is one of the largest in Europe. 



The founder of the International Movement STOP Judicial Corruption is part of this minority of people who are changing the world, as a freethinker and as an entrepreneur of projects and organizations of the social sector.



"A Different World Order. Part 2 of 2. Emerging system of the Information Age. From "abusecrazy" to a Social Market Democracy. A world of organizations" (44 pages, available in Spanish, English and soon, also in German).



Related to talent (book and subsequent three pages essay) and to the New Management that Peter Drucker announced “people centric”, in particular, articles based on my own vision of talent: www.nuevomanagement.com (from 2007, in spanish).


More in www.javiermarzal.com.



1.Promotion and foundation in September, 15th 2014, of the Association of the Rule of Law Professionals’ Victims (AVIPED), of which I am the chairman, and the purpose of which, is to end with the impunity of these professionals’ regular criminality. www.anviped.org.es (available in Spanish, English and German). Help and advice to judicial victims, providing relevant innovations. Manifesto about judicial corruption is outstanding. (available in Spanish, English and German). “The origin of corruption is in the judicial power”. (Spanish judge Elpidio Sanchez, 2013).

2. Promotion and foundation in February, 16th 2015, together with other associations, of the Federation for the Rule of Law, of which I am the chairman, and the purpose of which, together with other ways, is to end with the judicial system’s impunity. Promotes the adoption of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Spain and the adoption of legislative changes to avoid the current legislative promotion of institutional crime www.frd.org.es.

3.The creation of the international movement “STOP judicial corruption”, which enlightens people, worldwide, about the existence of judicial corruption. The  creation of associations of victims, promoting them and impelling the creation of new ones. www.stopjudicialcorruption.org.


More information on www.javiermarzal.com


   Javier Marzal